Webinar — "Purging Hidden Cultural Biases"

Event Description

This webinar is for people who want to discover and neutralize their cultural biases. Attend in person, by Internet videoconferencing or by phone.

Cultural biases are rules we have internalized that help us conform to cultural norms. However, they can also cause us to judge and criticize others. We often aren't even aware that we are manipulating others so that they conform to cultural norms. 

One cultural bias that has recently gained attention is "white privilege." This meme gives white folks a sense of entitlement or even social superiority that they may not recognize. Another cultural meme concerns a person's body-mass-index -- how much fat a person has on their body. Notice my avoidance of the meme by not saying "how fat they are." Many of us have a meme that tells us that people with lots of fat on their bodies are unattractive and unhealthy. When you see a person with ample body fat and you think they are unattractive or unhealthy, do you ask yourself, "Is this person actually unattractive or unhealthy?"?

In my presentation, I'll discuss how some hidden cultural biases interfere with social relationships and happiness. I'll give some tips on how to recognize cultural memes and to check to see if they serve you or hinder you.

In the Group Clearing® session, I'll lead us through the process of identifying and removing prejudicial or limiting cultural biases. Our goal will be to see the world with fresh, non-judgmental eyes. 

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Starts On Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 08:00 PM
Ends On Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 09:00 PM

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