Jessica Ireland LLC

My life and business are based on the principles that we are interconnected with all things, that we are not separate beings, but part of a much larger whole. This means we are one with Source/Universe/God, which in turns tells me that each of us is whole, perfect, and divine. We are not broken people needing to be fixed, rather we are whole, healthy, and worthy people who have temporarily forgotten who we are. Once we are reminded of this and practice living into that knowledge, we find a peace/balance/contentment that enhances our life and our experience of it. I help reminded my clients of this by helping them release their limiting thoughts and beliefs, and support them and they start to become conscious creators of their life. We are capable of healing ourselves, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. It is my role to support my client as heal and discover their true power to create the life they wish to live. I support people who have become frustrated or feel stuck in one or more areas of their life. I help them harness their inner power in a practical-real world way, to change their thoughts and actions. By changing their thoughts and actions with intention and ease, they can live a life of happiness and purpose. I offer my guidance in 1-on-1 sessions, workshops, retreats, and speaking engagements.