Partnership for WellBEING

Dr. David Sands specializes in helping people with serious challenges to their wellbeing, whatever their cause. David works in person or remotely to clear blocks to wellbeing on individual, social, environmental, planetary and galactic levels. He can assess the effects of your home and workplace, and of your gems and amulets. 

David brings decades of experience integrating Ayurveda into medical practice and, as a college professor, teaching physiology and health to help people with Physical, Mental, Emotional or Spiritual challenges to their wellbeing. Modalities used are: Energetic (Matrix Energetics, medical intuition, Ho’oponopono), Cognitive (Option Method, The Work), Emotional (Emotional Freedom Technique adapted from Robert Smith's FasterEFT, Focusing, Brain Spotting), and Spiritual (meditation, teachings of the great masters).

David offers a webinar monthly. You can find the next webinar listed on this website under Events/Fairfield, IA USA, or you can visit the Partnership for WellBEING Facebook page ( or website (