Purple Rain Healing

If a label would be placed on what I do, I'd say that I'm a medical intuitive and medium, practicing a shamanic form of distance energy healing. I use the Universal energy that surrounds all of us, while working with my Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters.

Although I am Reiki trained, in my sessions I primarily use my own powerful healing method, gifted to me after the passing of a loved one.

I offer full body, mind and spirit healing and harmonizing sessions, working with even the most difficult of physical/emotional situations. I look forward to working with you!

Distance Energy Healing Session
60 mins.
This session focuses on full body and mind work, including multiple physical/emotional situations that you wish addressed. It also includes working complex situations. This includes:\r\n\r\n* Full energy healing work provided throughout your body during opening/closing of the session. \r\n\r\n* Specific healing work on the physical/emotional situations you wish addressed. \r\n\r\n* Scanning of your body and energy work for additional identified areas of need. \r\n\r\n*Chakra assessment and balancing.\r\n\r\n* Also included is communication with me before and after the session, as needed. This can be completed via Facebook Messenger, email or if you prefer "in person", via Facebook video chat or phone. \r\n\r\n* You also receive detailed session notes, transcribed from the recorded session, including very personalized intuitive information and advice that I receive for you during the session from my Guides, Angels, and Ascended Masters. This is a powerful part of the session! The formal document - typically 3 -5 pages - is emailed to you by day's end the following day.
3 Distance Energy Healing Sessions
60 mins.
Purchase multiple sessions and save! Each session includes what is offered with a single distance energy healing session. Multiple sessions, spread out monthly, are a wonderful way to ensure continued progress!
Distance Energy Revitalization Session
30 mins.
Energy Revitalization offers the calming, but revitalizing energy of the Distance Energy Healing session, and chakra work, but without the focus on physical/emotional healing situations. A shortened version of notes and personalized messages is offered.
Migraine Headache Study - FREE
15 mins.
If you suffer from migraines, I'm offering 15 people a free distance energy healing session as part of a study I’m completing.\\r\\n\\r\\nIf you typically suffer from migraines on a regular basis, and are interested in participating, please contact me. \\r\\n\\r\\nIn being one of the 15, you’ll help me complete an informal study of short distance healing sessions of approximately 15-20 minutes in length.\\r\\n\\r\\nIn exchange for the free session, you agree to provide me feedback on a regular basis over the next two months after your session, so that I may gather information.\\r\\n\\r\\nThese sessions have already helped rid migraines from a few of my clients. However, I’d like to expand this to learn more, before I offer it as a service option.