Shining Vibrations

At Shining Vibrations, Amy Marie strives to improve the lives of her clients mentally, physically, & spiritually through Sound Healing and Holistic Yoga! Services include: Individual Sound Healing Sessions, Injury Recovery Sessions, Group Meditations, Yoga Class Accompaniment, Reiki Sessions, Yoga Classes and Yoga Workshops. Amy encourages others to blossom into their fullest potential by spreading her messages: Change is possible. You can have the life of your dreams with a little hard work, dedication, and faith. You can find happiness when you’re being true to yourself. You don’t have to do things alone. Positivity attracts positivity. There are no limits, they’re just an illusion. Reach for your dreams!

Individual Sound Healing Session
60 mins.
Sessions involve clearing physical, mental, and spiritual imbalances through the use of ancient Himalayan singing bowls placed on and around the body. Treatments are infused with Reiki, a technique utilizing unseen life-force energy, to enhance the effects of the bowls.